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Callaway Club Fitting Festival


Callaway Golf Club Fitting Festival is your unique chance to buy a fantastic specially made golf clubs for an amazing price.

We will be going all out with loads of gifts and prizes if you are seriously looking fora new set then book one of the few spots available via the button above.

If you could lower your scores and bring more enjoyment to your game, all for just $59.00 would you partake? Clearly the answer is YES!

In this 45 minute Callaway Club Fitting Experience, we use the world’s best golf tech to decide first-hand if your clubs are correctly fitted or need an upgrade. The truth is, if you’re playing with a 10-year-old set, then your game is being compromised as the technology behind this club has improved dramatically. Let’s talk you through how we do it:

Using Callaway’s revolutionary OptiFit Technology + our GCQUAD Launch Monitor, we’ll analyze your:

  • launch conditions
  • ball speed
  • launch angle, and
  • spin rates.

With this intelligence, you’ll be fitted for select clubs, and we’ll even provide a recommendation on the best golf ball for your game using our YOUR-FIT fitting system.

The whole experience is thoroughly enjoyable, and you’ll learn some interesting things about your golfing self.

There’s no pressure to buy new golf clubs, though there will certainly be incentives including our lowest price promise guarantee if you do decide to make a purchase.

And at the end, you’ll leave feeling confident knowing your golfing equipment is totally customized for you.

30 – 60-minute club fitting experience + YOUR-FIT assessment booklet + FREE GIFT

$59.00 (Value $197.00) Limited offer, 20 places available! ( So please only book if you are seriously going to buy that DREAM GOLF SET you have always wanted.



If you'd like to know more, please get in touch. Our expert golf team are here to help.