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The Deluxe Dining Series by Mark Penna.

Delectable, artistic, textural, passion on the plate. These are just a few words that spring to mind when you first lock eyes on our new Executive Chef Mark Penna’s kitchen creations.

Mark Penna might be a new name to Hillstone and hundred acre bar, but his reputation has worldwide reach in hospitality. He’s worked under Michelin Star Chefs in a Michelin Star restaurant, cooked for celebrities Matt Damon and Liam Hemsworth, and even cooked for the Duke of Wellington, whilst residing in the Royal mansion.

We are incredibly fortunate to have this super star head our Kitchen team, and this Deluxe Dining Series will show you first-hand just how extraordinary Mark’s cooking is.

His standards are extremely high, he’s got great chat as your host with endless knowledge of cooking, and he’s an all-round top guy. At the core of this dining series is fresh, healthy, produce driven dishes so expect to be blown away and eat guilt free. We’re as excited as you are for this!

More details to come..


Executive Chef Mark Penna's creations.

Squab pigeon

Watermelon tuna

Roasted chicken



Signature prawn