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The Ultimate Golfing Lifestyle & Lesson Program

Welcome to Club59.

Led by Brisbane’s most experienced golf professionals, Peter Clark, Phil Brew and Shane Heath, Club59 is a golfing lifestyle and lesson program that brings like-minded golfers together, working strategically to improve their game. Club59 offers a world of golf with:

  • Expert golf lessons / coaching
  • VIP events
  • The GCQuad golf simulator
  • Master Classes
  • Tournaments
  • And more.

The Club’s Origins

For decades, Peter Clark (Founder of Club59 ) taught golfers around the world at all skill levels. During this time, he began to understand that the only way to allow golfers to experience their true potential was through a continuous club-based, coaching program that balances technique and performance with social enjoyment.

The solution? Club59

“The Club59 name comes from the dream score of all Tour Golf Professionals: a score of 59.
This is the ethos of the Club59 
coaching program, to achieve your dream score.”

– Peter Clark, Director of  Golf, St Lucia Golf Links

A lasting way to learn.

Many golfers have a lesson or a series of lessons that dramatically improves their game. It works, but when the lessons stop, their game deteriorates. Then it becomes a cycle of game improvement and regression.

Club59 offers an ongoing process. It embeds the playing and joy of golf into your lifestyle, giving you the momentum to achieve consistent results. That’s why Club59 was created.

“The golf industry needed something new like this.”

– Peter Clark


Enquire about joining Club59.

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What Club59 can do for you.

Our aim is for you to play your dream golf game consistently.

When you join Club59, we’ll learn about your current game and future goals. That way, we can understand exactly what you want to achieve and plan a roadmap to get you there.

Club59 golfers reach a performance level that’s unparalleled to the normal cycle of lessons and coaching. It makes your golf game:

  • Smarter
  • More intuitive
  • Technically stronger.

But it’s more than just lessons. The lifestyle of it flows into other aspects of life – from the proven health benefits of the sport and the social culture, to the serenity of being surrounded by the invigorating greenery on course.


Choose your favourite Club59 package.

With 3 packages to choose from, you decide what's right for you. Plus depending on the package, you have the flexibility to redeem your benefits at your leisure – within 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months respectively.

12 Month Package

Pro Club59.

Pro is the premium 12 month Club59 package. It includes every perk, the VIG (Very Important Golfer) treatment, and 36 golfing experiences throughout the year. This is the golf game changer.


  • 12 hours private coaching ($1908)
  • 12x Real Golf playing lessons ($1188)
  • 12x Master classes ($1188)
  • Secrets Play Book ($49)

$1497 (Total value $4333)

Purchase online via the button above or Phone 07 3870 3433.

9 Month Package

Ultimate Club59.

Enjoy Club59 for 9 months of the year with this Ultimate package. During this time, you’ll have access to incredible golf services and outstanding perks to improve your game.


  • 9 hours private coaching (value $1431)
  • 6x Real Golf playing lessons (value $594)
  • 9x Master classes (value $891)
  • Secrets Play Book (value $49)

$997 (Total value $2965)

Purchase online or Phone 07 3870 3433.

6 Month Package

Lifestyle Club59.

Lifestyle is exactly as the name infers, giving you up to 6 months to redeem your coaching, lessons, master classes and play book. It’s a more laidback approach, where you enjoy a snapshot of what Club59 offers and what being a member is like.


  • 6 hours private coaching ($1113 value)
  • 3x Real Golf playing lessons ($297 value)
  • 3x Master classes ($297 value)
  • Secrets Play Book ($49 value)

$797 (Total value $1756)

Purchase online or Phone 07 3870 3433.

Experience how it feels to be a tour player with Club59

What you can expect.

You’ll be playing regularly with a golf pro and other likeminded golfers. You’ll also receive St Lucia Golf Links’ VIG (Very Important Golfer) title.

Our community runs on a first-name basis, so it’s easy to feel at home. Start your day by warming up on the simulator, play a game, then plan each tournament and event (like the private Christmas party) into your yearly calendar.

The Joining Process

Onboarding – This is the initial consultation where we’ll see your current golf game on the golf simulator. It includes a beverage with hundred acre bar’s renowned hospitality.

2. Club Fitting – We’ll assess your current set of golf clubs and organise any servicing or repairs that might be needed.

3. Coaching – One of our PGA professionals will take you through your first coaching session, working through the 7 play-book shots of golf.

4. Tournaments – Once coaching has started, you’ll get invitations to tournaments and monthly competitions.

5. Ongoing Communication – Your PGA golf coach will be in regular contact with you, keeping the momentum going to achieve your dream golf.

6. VIG Treatment – As a member and Very Important Golfer (VIG) of Club59, you’ll get the best service with every visit. You’ll also receive special prices throughout The Golf Shop every time you shop.


Club59 master classes.

One of the greatest features of Club59 is our Master Classes. The social aspect is brilliant, as is the tactics, tips and strategies you’ll learn that all focus on achieving your dream golf performance and score.

The objective of our Master Classes is the finer details of the game. A group golf session where you’re surrounded by like-minded golfers with the same passion as you. And the new found trend to finish the class? Kicking back with a beverage or two at hundred acre bar in the best of company.

Express golf games are included

Club59 Quick6 golf.

Club59 is suited to every golfer, from those enjoying retirement, to golfers that would love to play more but simply don’t have time. Quick6 golf is the perfect chance to sneak away and fit golf into your busy day.

You’ll enjoy playing 6 holes of golf on-course with all the other Club59 perks included. Tag on a simulator warm-up before you play, slide into your motorised cart, and off you go down the hill to practice your swing and put a smile on your face.

Club59 golf lessons with PGA professionals.

Your lessons are led by a PGA golfer. And with professional coaching comes professional results.

Peter Clark, Phil Brew and Shane Heath have taught golfers all around the world. Their coaching style and ethos have become the foundation of what Club59 represents today. Their extensive experience has also given them an edge to coaching. They customise the whole learning experience to each golfer they coach and create a personalised, strategic game plan. This maximises the effectiveness and enjoyment of each lesson.

For the Very Important Golfer

Exclusive golfing events.

There are many golfing events to keep you busy throughout the year. You’ll get an invitation every month for each Club59 tournament, giving you the chance to test your golf game and have a great competition.

All Pro Club59 golfers receive an invitation to hundred acre bar’s Christmas party. This private event gives you an all-inclusive night of high-class entertainment – it’s the best private party in the Western suburbs.

Benefits of Club59

Club59 connects you with:

  • Expert coaches
  • A community of golfers
  • Beautiful green courses
  • Some of the best facilities in the country.

You’ll also have access to incredible services exclusive to members.

Golf fact.

There are proven health benefits to golf, too – from lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, to increasing mental wellbeing. Just in case you needed another excuse to play!


Golf services.

Everything is included each time you redeem a Club59 lesson:

  • Course play
  • Golf carts
  • The latest Callaway golf equipment
  • Callaway golf balls
  • Tees
  • Bottled water.

You’ll have access to incredible golf services. From quality equipment to handy programs, joining Club59 introduces you to a world of outstanding perks. Some of these include:

  • Special deals on Callaway golf equipment
  • Free golf simulator warm-ups before you play
  • The golf ball return program (never lose a ball again).

At Club59, we’ve thought of the big and little things, making sure your golfing experience is the best it can be every time you visit.


Book a $9 golf evaluation.

Real success begins with a professional evaluation of your game.

Key Information about Club59.

What golfers are asking.

  • Is Club59 a better option than private golf membership? Why?

    Private membership gives you access to the golf course. But joining Club59 goes a step further.

    Everyone wants value from their membership and Club59 is the value-driven solution. Play on Brisbane’s best public course in Club59. And don’t just enjoy access to the golf course – learn from a PGA coach, upskill, and take advantage of all our resources.

  • Is Club59 just on-course or is the simulator used too?

    It includes both! Every golfer is different, so we tailor the coaching approach to the individual. We use some of the best coaching facilities in the world and incorporate all of them into the coaching process. These facilities include:

    • Our own private par 4 hole
    • 18 hole golf course
    • Putting green
    • Amazing short game areas up to 125m
    • Latest GCQuad Golf Simulator
    • Latest SwingCatalyst video equipment
    • PGA coaches with a unique coaching style.
  • Are there any short-game practice facilities?

    Yes. In fact, we have remarkable short-game facilities to help you practise your downhill, uphill and sidehill lies, chip and runs, and lob shots. The facilities include:

    • A putting green
    • A pitching area up to 125m
    • Fairway conditions
    • Rough conditions
    • Bunkers.
  • I need my clubs repaired, can you help?

    We have all the latest repair options. Our professionals will always advise you when it comes to getting your equipment to tour standard. We have an on-site workshop to manage all golf club repairs where Club59 members receive priority access at no additional charge.

    All repairs are guaranteed for 24 months for Club59 members.

  • What if I join Club59 and I’ve never had my clubs professionally fitted?

    No worries. Part of the Club59 experience is having your equipment perfectly fitted. Your professional coach will advise you on whenever your clubs need to be fitted – or when they notice it’s impacting your progress.

  • Do I get preferential prices in The Golf Shop? How is this managed?

    All our Club59 members receive extra discounts in The Golf Shop. Just let the team in store know and they’ll look after you.

  • Can anyone join, or do you have to be an experienced golfer?

    Because of our 7 shots of golf coaching system, Club59 membership is available to players of all abilities. This is the fast-track option to playing your best golf.

    Golfers at all levels are encouraged to join.

  • Does Club59 have an Honors Board?

    Yes. The champion golfer of each tournament is awarded a prize with a yearly honors board event and presentation of the Club59 golfer of the year. This takes place after our Christmas tournament.

  • Can Club59 be purchased as a present?

    Absolutely. If you have a golfer in the family, even if they’re a member of a private club, they’ll love the benefits of Club59. Purchase any of the Club59 packages and we’ll package everything up for you to make it a beautiful gift.

    All you need to do is write on the card.

  • How do you ensure a great experience on-course during busy periods?

    With every Club59 lesson you redeem, your PGA coach will advise you on the most ideal times – when the course isn’t busy and you can focus completely on your game.

Join the Club59 lifestyle and achieve you dream golf game.

Get in touch with our awesome team today.