Home on a Hill

Our 150 Years of History…

1850s – An enterprising young wheelwright and coachbuilder named William Dart arrives in Brisbane from England. Within a couple of years he is already settled and prospering, growing cotton and bananas on the Brisbane River flats, near where the University boatshed now stands.

1860s – William imports sugar cane from Java and Mauritius and establishes a cane plantation near here, encouraging other farmers on the river flats to do the same.

1870s – William builds a sugar mill producing brown sugar, but soon becomes a medal-winning pioneer in the manufacturing of white sugar.

1896 – Now well established, William builds a grand house for his wife and eight children, called Hillstone. He sells off one of his sugar plantations to fellow businessman William Wilson. With a keen eye for real estate, Wilson subdivides the land into housing blocks and calls the estate St Lucia, after the island in the West Indies where he was born.

1925 – The land around Sandy Creek is declared a bird sanctuary and is subdivided into a 123 acre golf links, named the Indooroopilly Golf Club. William Dart’s grand Hillstone homestead becomes the first club house.

1926 – The club house is extended though still retains much of the original Queenslander charm – a large function room is added to the Hillstone homestead and the majestic mango tree is planted on the terrace.

1985 – The Indooroopilly Golf Club moves to Long Pocket and this site became the St Lucia Golf Links, a public golf course and reception centre.

1986 – Jens Holland and Hans Pettersson, who have recently arrived from Sweden, take over the running of the club house and undertook a first, significant renovation.

2005 – A magnificent extension takes place that not only provides for a full suite of offices on the lower level, but also greatly extends the Grand View room – effectively almost doubling its size. The 19th hole café also undergoes a major face lift and is renamed ’00 acre bar.

2012 – The Hillstone family expands again with the opening of St Lucy Café e Cucina at the University of Queensland.

Present Day – Still working closely with their families and first-rate team, Hans and Jens continue to transform and improve their offering and are always pleased to showcase their distinctive Scandinavian approach to hospitality.